Monday, October 29, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away...


Don't Come Back Another Day!

Yesterday was a typical Sunday like any other for me. I woke up, ate breakfast, and got dressed. After that, we all piled in the car and went to SBC. I like going to church because I always have a good time clapping and singing. When the singing stops, what I do from that point on varies depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes, I just fall asleep, which is what I did yesterday. When I want to move around and have fun, Mommy takes me to the child care room. There are always other kids to play with and plenty of snacks to keep me happy until the service is over.

Sunday is also a good day for Mommy to pick up all kinds of "stuff" that I need . We usually do that after church so, we went to the supermarket and a store called "Target". I like riding in shopping carts so, that's what I did in both stores. Grammy saw a Thomas & Friends carry case in Target that she thought I might like because I watch the TV show all the time. Since Grammy is in charge of "fun", she got it for me and that carry case did not leave my hands for the rest of the day. After all the shopping was done, we went home.

You might be wondering why I told Grammy to blog about the day because nothing out of the ordinary happened. The answer is simple...after it was safe for us to come out from under our umbrellas, it felt good to get out into the sunshine again after all that rain. Please don't take my sunshine away!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let The Learning Begin...


But I Like Arts & Crafts!

It seems like only yesterday that I was strapped in a baby seat or trapped in a playpen and could only watch the other kids have all the fun at day care. Then, I learned how to crawl and spent only limited amounts of time out of the seat and playpen so I wouldn't be in the way while the other kids played. After what felt like FOREVER, I learned how to stand up, walk, and run so I could finally play with the other kids too. We had so much fun and absolutely NOTHING was expected of us. Those were the days!

Now that I'm a big boy, the time I spend at day care is changing and it's not just about running and playing all day anymore. Ms. Bea and Nyeisha are beginning to teach me about things called alphabets, numbers, colors, and shapes. We also spend time doing something called "arts and crafts". I really like that because I'm learning how to use paper, crayons, paint, glue, and construction paper to make all kinds of really cool stuff. Ms. Bea and Nyeisha always let me take whatever I do home so I can show it to my Mommy, Grammy, and Pop-Pop.

Here are some of the things I did over the last few months that I want to share with you. Of course, I had a little help with some of them but, I think they show a lot of promise! Don't you?


My Footprints


Cut 'n' Paste

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Movin' On Up!

Bible 1

Service of Licensure & Ordination
True Vine Missionary Full Gospel Baptist Church
Saturday, October 20, 2007

This was a very special day for my Godmomie Latoya was elevated in ministry and we all went to their church in Chester, PA to see it! My Godpopie Justin presented her and three other people called "candidates" for elevation in the Class of 2007. There were lots of people there...some of them traveled all the way from a place called "Virginia" on a bus. We were proud of Godmomie Latoya and she was very happy!

After the service was over, we all went outside to take some pics together. My Mommy's friend, Marsha, was there and we also got a chance to meet my Godpopie Justin's parents, my Godmomie Latoya's Mommy, and other members of their families. Elyce was there too!

On the way home from the service, we stopped at one of my favorite spots to get a bite to eat...McDonald's! Don'tcha just love the french fries and milk shakes? The toy suprises are really cool too. I guess that's why they call them "Happy Meals."

Godmomie Latoya, thank you for inviting us to share in your special day. May God continue to bless you and Godpopie Justin. We love you!

Christian Glitter

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Favorite Things

Toy Truck TV 2 Sandwich

Toys, TV, Storybooks, Food...

On those rare occasions when I'm not playing the "NO! and STOP!" game with my family, these are some of the things on my list of favorites too. What are some of your favorite things?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spread The Word...

It's A Boy

Troy Ellis, Jr. is Here!
October 9, 2007, 9:26pm
7 lbs + 13 ozs, 20 + 1/2 inches

Family Members...
check your email for pics!

Congratulations to Rikki & Troy
from The Martins

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Booga Report

Clean Shirt
"What's Your Name?"

Can you believe it is October already? It seems like September was only here for a minute in my house but, here's the scoop on what's been happening...

I am really keeping Mommy, Grammy, and Pop-Pop on their toes these days. Anything and everything that is not nailed down in the house is mine-all-mine to play with! I have plenty of toys but who wants to play with those when there's TV remotes to hide (O-o-p-s!), little things called "nic-nacs" that go c-r-a-s-h when they hit the floor (O-o-p-s!), other things called "CDs" to pull off of shelves (O-o-p-s!), keys to throw in the trash (O-o-p-s!), books or magazines with pages that you can actually tear (O-o-p-s!), something called "record albums" to pull out of their covers and drop on the floor (O-o-p-s!), pots to drag out of cabinets (O-o-p-s!) and well, you get the picture. I even discovered that if you pull on something called a dresser scarf or a place mat, everything on it will come sliding toward you...and if you keep pulling it, everything will end up on the floor (O-o-p-s!). I am beginning to think that "NO!" and "STOP!" are the only words my family knows??? Just between you and me, I hear those two words a lot at day care too!!! Ms. Bea and Ms. Nyeisha told my family that I am a very "active" little boy (whatever that means). But, you'll be happy to know that in the midst of all this chaos, I actually gave my family something to smile about...

On Saturday, September 27th (mark it down), my Mommy taught me how to say my name! That's right, if you ask me "What's your name?" (and I’m in the moment), I can actually say E-L-I-J-A-H. I can also say "mama", "no", "all gone", and "tank ku". And yes, Grammy said that last word counts as "thank you"...if you disagree, talk to her about it! As for action words, I can wave "bye-bye" and my Great Aunt Wanda taught me how to give "high fives".

Despite everything you just read, my Mommy, Grammy, and Pop-Pop are all doing well and said to tell you "Hello!" My Mommy is working during the day now and we are both happy about that because we can spend more time together playing the "NO! and STOP!" game. Grammy enjoyed her birthday and vacation from blog posts. We took her to the New Delhi Indian Restaurant to celebrate her special day. Great Uncle Andy, Great Aunt Wanda, and her Mommy were there too. The food was really good and we all had a nice time. As for Pop-Pop, he was the "calm during all my storms" throughout the house and we just spent time together chillin', like we always do!

THE BOOGA CHALLENGE: If you're little like me and learned how to say your name or any other words recently, let me know what they are in the comments so we can celebrate together!

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