Friday, September 19, 2008

"All Aboard!"

"The Booga Wooga's Home... Let's Go!"

After a hard day of play at day care, there's nothing like coming home to my Thomas & Friends trains. I can always count on them to be right where I left them, in my trusty carry case. All of them are ready to play with me at a moment's notice and take me some place special as soon as I take them out. My Thomas family has gotten a lot bigger over time and sometimes, it's hard to know which one to play with first. I know that no matter who I pick to play with, we will always have a good time.

OK... should I play with Annie & Clarabell, Arthur, Bertie the bus, Bill & Ben the twins, the Circus Trains, Diesel, Diesel 10, Donald & Douglas the twins, Edward, Emily, the Express Coaches, the Giggling Troublesome Trucks, Gordon, Harold the helicopter, Harvey, Henry, James, Iron Arry & Iron Bert the twins, Mavis, Murdoch, the Old Slow Coach, Percy, Peter Sam, the Recyling Cars, Rheneas, Rusty, Toby, Salty, Sir Handel, or good ol' Thomas? How about Ben, Mavis, and the Express Coaches? I guess Gordon won't mind if we borrow his coaches for a while.

It also doesn't matter how or where I play with them. Sometimes, I put my tracks together and let them do something that Grammy calls "ride the rails". At other times, playing with them on the floor can be just as nice. We go here, there, and everywhere... over things, under things, inside of things, outside of things, and on top of things!

Playing with them on top of the bed or on top of something called a "night stand" is also fun.

The hallway is a great place
to play with them too.

And now, it's snack time! How about
some juice with those crackers?

I better hurry up before Grammy catches me in here. She doesn't want me to go into this thing called a "refrigerator" on my own because sometimes, I forget to close the door after I get what I want out of it. Ah-oh, here she comes and she's got that camera again. I guess I'm just something you would call "busted!"

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Birthday Lunch for Grammy

After church today, we all went out to eat at a place called the "California Pizza Kitchen" to celebrate my Grammy's birthday. This past Thursday on September 4th, she turned 50 years old but, we decided to wait until the weekend to take her out. We wanted to go on Saturday but, somebody named "Hurricane Hanna" came to town and made it rain all day! What a bummer and just who is she, anyway? You know, I don't like it when anybody or anything takes my sunshine away. All I know is, I'm glad that SHE'S gone and the sun is shining bright again. Today turned out to be a really nice day for a birthday lunch.

As for me, I have been what Grammy calls "a little under the weather" ever since our trip to Knoebel's last weekend. I went to the doc yesterday and she said that it was nothing serious and I was just fighting a little cold. So, I wasn't feeling my best today but, I made it through church and lunch like a champ. After we got home, Mommy put me to bed and I took a nice long nap. I told Grammy to do this post for me so you could see the birthday lunch pics and maybe I will be feeling better tomorrow...

A Note From Grammy...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

TO: My Grammy


From Pop-Pop, Mommy, and Me!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Fun Place To Go!

America's Favorite Family Fun Park

My Great Uncle Andy & Aunt Wanda invited all of us to go with them yesterday to a really fun place called "Knoebels" in Elysburg, PA. We had to drive for a pretty good while to get there but, it was worth the trip. There were lots of people, all kinds of rides, a big campground with something called "log cabins", a large picnic area, and everything that you could ever want to eat and drink. There is another large area with holes and poles stuck in the ground called a "golf course". Grammy said that you can play a game called "golf" there but, what is it?

Anyhoo, we went to the "Kiddie Park" first when we got there. I rode on something called a "pirate ship" with my Mommy, a "balloon" ride with Pop-Pop and Grammy, and a "jet plane" ride all by myself... that was my favorite! My Mommy and Aunt Wanda got on some rides together too. They screamed a lot but, it looked like they were having a lot of fun. My Mommy's favorite ride was something called the "Sklooosh". It was a boat that rode down a hill real fast and made a big splash in the water when it got to the bottom of the ride. After Mommy and Aunt Wanda rode on that, it was time to get in the water!

We all went to another area of the park that had a "Crystal Pool", a "Kiddie Pool", and water rides. I wasn't old enough to get on any of the water rides so, Pop-Pop and Grammy stayed with me at the kiddie pool until my Mommy, Uncle Andy, and Aunt Wanda came back. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get in the water at all because it was cold so, I just ran around the edge of the pool for a while until I was ready to get in it. When all of the adults came back from the water rides, everyone played with me in the kiddie pool until it was time to get something to eat. After we all had some food, we looked for more rides to get on.

By this time, it was getting dark and all of the rides had bright colorful lights that glowed in the dark. Pop-Pop and Grammy rode with me on a giant carousel... Pop-Pop rode all around the park with me on a choo-choo train... and Pop-Pop and Uncle Andy rode with me in a car. There were two really big rides at the park called "roller coasters". One was named the "Twister" and the other one was named the "Phoenix". Both of them were really fast and made a lot of noise. I couldn't get on them either because I was too little so, I just watched and waited with Pop-Pop and Grammy while Mommy, Uncle Andy, and Aunt Wanda rode on them. Then, my Mommy and Aunt Wanda got on one last ride before we left the park called the "Fandango".

Thank you Uncle Andy and Aunt Wanda for taking us with you. We really had a fun day at Knoebels and I hope that we can go back again next summer. Maybe we can stay for the weekend in one of those "log cabin" things. My Mommy, Grammy, and Uncle Andy had their cameras for this trip so, there were lots of pics taken. Here are some of the pics that Grammy took while we were there. We hope that you had a Happy Labor Day weekend too!

P.S. Grammy said that you can click on the Knoebels logo or text link under it if you want to know more about it so you can go there too!

TO: All Of Our Family & Friends...

From Pop-Pop, Grammy, Mommy, & Me!

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