Monday, May 26, 2008

My First Trip To The Zoo!

My Mommy, Grammy, and Pop-Pop took me to a place called "The Philadelphia Zoo" today.

My Pop-Pop told me that the zoo is a place where lots of animals live and we were going there to visit them.

It was a hot day so, my Pop-Pop decided to sit by a big water fountain for a while. He said that the breeze coming off the water felt good.

My Mommy brought her new camera so she could take lots of pics to put on her new photo blog.

My Pop-Pop and Grammy found a nice cool spot in the shade to sit down together.

After we walked around for a while, we stopped and had some lunch. This was the first time that I got a chance to hold my own hot dog in a roll and eat it all by myself.

When I was little, my Mommy cut my hot dogs into little pieces, put them in a bowl, and there was no roll. But, I'm a big boy now so, I can eat my hot dogs just like everybody else!

After lunch, we went to a special part of the zoo that is just for kids where I could feed and touch the animals.

I wasn't sure about the feeding and touching part but, I had a lot of fun looking at them.

S-h-h-h, we have to be quiet... in this pic, a bunny rabbit is sleeping on the other side of this door.

Not far from the sleeping bunny rabbit, we found a wall that had 2 holes in it.

At first, I didn't know what the wall or the holes were for but, I watched what the other kids were doing and I just did what they did... I put my head through the holes!

There were also things at the zoo that I could ride on. One was something called a "swan boat" that you could paddle with your feet. My Mommy and Grammy got on that with me because I was too little and my feet didn't reach the peddles to paddle.

Then, we found a choo-choo train! It wasn't a Thomas & Friends train but, I wanted to ride on it just the same. The train wasn't big enough for mommies and daddies so, me and all the other kids rode on it all by ourselves.

They also have something called a "hot air balloon" to ride on but my Mommy said, "There is NO WAY we are going to ride on that thing!" Grammy said that she would ride on it with me but, it was tied down all day anyway so, she had to get this pic from something called "the internet".

And, here are some of the pics that we took of the animals. If you click on the grid block, the pics will get bigger so you can see them better.

We had a really nice time at the zoo and I hope we can go back to visit the animals again someday.

Join the Philadelphia Zoo Kids Club!

Trivia Question: Can you name the ride at the Philadelphia Zoo that was built in 1969, torn down in 2002, and replaced by the hot air balloon? You can note the name in the comments. If you feel the need to cheat, click here for the answer. Grammy said to let you know, we won't tell anyone!

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